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We provide certified and licensed professionals to clinics and practices in the CSRA

About Us

Expert Staffing Services

Betty Reece brings over 30 years of healthcare experience to the table. She initially made her mark as a Medical Imager with a specialization in Mammography. After she retired, her passion for healthcare lead her to establish a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing breast health services to low-income and underserved women. This venture not only showcased her commitment to healthcare accessibility but also honed her skills in fundraising and community outreach, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Beyond her professional achievements, Betty’s involvement in various community organizations, including Black Voters Matter and the Georgia Federation Democratic Women, illustrates her deep commitment to community service. Her leadership roles in these organizations reflect her ability to inspire, organize, and make impactful changes. This extensive background in both healthcare and community service has equipped Betty with a unique blend of empathy, leadership, and organizational skills, making her a standout leader in any setting.

With Unlimited Aide Medical Staffing, Betty’s mission is to leverage her extensive experience to match qualified medical professionals with clinics in need, addressing the gap in healthcare staffing with a focus on temporary placements that often lead to permanent employment. This initiative is a testament to her “Dream Big” motto, aiming to create a significant impact on the healthcare industry by providing quality staffing solutions.


What We Do

Helping Healthcare Professionals and Providers Succeed

Our medical staffing expertise ensures that your patients are able to receive quality care. We can prevent you having to make those last minute appointment cancellations that make your patients unhappy. Our area of coverage spans the Central Savanna River Area and includes Evans, Grovetown, Martinez, Harlem, Augusta, and North Augusta.

Qualified Professionals

We recruit certified medical staff who want competitive pay, flexible assignments, and new opportunities

Comprehensive Screening

Before we add an applicant to our pool of licensed individuals ready to work, we verify their experience and expertise

Same Day Response

When you contact us needing assistance, we can sometimes send a qualified temporary replacement to your practice within a matter of hours

Taking Care of our Staff

We look for quality opportunities for the professionals who choose to join our staffing service

Increasing Your Experience

Working as a temporary medical staffer on our assignments will help you keep your skills sharp and even build more experience for your resume

Extra Income Opportunities

If you’re a licensed professional who wants to gain additional experience and work in a clinic before deciding to move there full time, we’d love to have you